Terms & Conditions

Looking foward to creating for you! Before we continue with your order please take a minute to read our terms and conditions.
We guarantee that AK Creative Digital will work very hard to meet your expectations, your satisfaction is our priority, please also note that AK Creative Digital Can refuse service to anyone, and does not tolerate rude behavior or racism TOWARDS ANYONE. 

(No Refunds,No Money NO Service)

READ throughly AK Creative Digital is NOT responsible if the client decides not to read our terms & conditions

(This are not hidden from anyone and are always public in all Business profiles for example IG, FB and website associated with AK Creative Digital)

1-The client hereby allows permission for all design work to be used and shared by AK Creative Digital LLC. and all accounts assciated with ANA KAREN(owner) for self promotional purposes. (If you wish to keep designs secret or not shared on our pages please let us know we respect your pricacy as well )

2- Designs created during the process and which are not included in the final emails will remain in full ownership of the designer AK Creative Digital LLC. digital drafts and samples must not be distributed until final images have been sent by email without AK Creative Watermark. 

3-After placing my order I Agree that there will be NO REFUNDS. No money no service! All Graphic Design Services require FULL ADVANCE PAYMENT before the design project and turnaround time begin.

4-Design process & updates rules!
AkCreativeDigital has a do not disturb policy during the process. Please remember there is a turnaround time of 7 to 15 business days depending on schedule availability. (Details and estimated TAT can change any time for example you messege me at 2pm and I tell you you will get your design in 6-8 days at 3pm that may not be available)
Please do not ask for an update every day this may cause unnecessary stress and interrupts my focus. Once draft is sent you are allowed three revisions. After final email is sent any further revisions will have an additional fee. ( revisions may add an additional 2-3 days if needed ) Revisions cannot be undone or returned to previous revisions.

If you purchased freestyle design meaning you will allow me to create for you with just your business name,and description or colors  you may get revisions only on colors or items on the design. You may not give me a vision of what you want after requesting freestyle.

 (Limited to items/colors/fonts detail) please be very specific. with every detail for each revision, there will be no undo on revisions.  You may not change your initial idea of design just get revisions. For example if you initially asked for hand holding lashes, you cannot change it to jewelry. You may change colors, positions, colors and small details. 

5-Once final emails are sent there is no undo.Revisions will have to accomodate with current schedule and may take up to 15 Business days depending on the extent of the request. 

(limited to 15 days) what does this mean ?This means files will be deleted after 15 days no revision or changes To be made.
after 15 days of your order NO revisions are allowed (Revision is only allowed for the logo of the current business, you CAN NOT use both logos after revisions. Only the revised logo will be allowed for use) limited to items on hand and colors only, you may not change the avatar.You can NOT use revisions for a different business, you cannot change business name or use for a different business entity.  new design needs to be ordered for full rights on another business logo ( entity )


6-Communication is very IMPORTANT, specially after samples are sent if you fail to have good communication skills , ignore, leave messages on Seen & do not respond to any attempt to contact you after samples are sent, final email will be sent and your design will be finalized due to lack of communication. REMEMBER you have revisions and I can only help and make changes if you communicate with me. If you prefer any other communication method is your responsibility to bring to my attention, to accommodate with your request. After no response and failed attempts to contact you  In no way AK creative team will contact you after several days if you forget or fail to communicate. 

7-I agree to not alter, change or send any of AK Creative digital designs to any other designer to alter or revise besides AK Creative Digital or any associated persons with this business.You may NOT use or alter a purchased design to represent another business entity other then the one paid for rights!

8- I have chosen the picture I want to use carefully, I do understand that the best quality picture makes the best quality cartoon. I understand  that no changing my mind on photos is allowed. 

9-I am responsible for my files once email is sent, I will store them and save them in a folder that only I can access and not lose. AK Creative Digital will not be held resposible if you misplace your files or lose them.

 If email was not received within 24 hrs contact us IMMEDIATELY. we understand technical difficulties occur and we will resolve this as soon as we can. It is very important to hear back from you once final emails are sent to verify you received.

10-I agree that if I purchase designs for commercial use, I will give credit to AK Creative Digital for art created. 

11.I understand that after placing my order on Akcreativedigital website I  have read carefully and AGREE with all the terms and conditions listed in this page.

I WILL NOT CLAIM AK CREATIVE DIGITAL DESIGNS AS MY OWN WORK. No credit necessary but its apreciated <3 Please dont claim artowork or designs as your own!!!

13. all freebies offered with a bundle deal or discounts offered are only valid for the day of or limited to 72 hrs. if you fail to comunicate with AK Creative Digital. within 3 days with the information needed it will be VOID OFFER. 

Prices subject to change without notice any time YESTERDAYS PRICES MAY NOT BE TODAYS PRICES.

Website design TAT may vary from 2-3 weeks depending on pages and requests.

Items listed "PERSONAL USE ONLY " cannot be distributed as business logo. It's for personal use only. YOU MAY NOT ADD YOUR BUSINESS NAME OVER DESIGN UNLESS REQUESTED OR ASKED PERMISION( commercial use fee will be added ) 

Rev. Jan ,2022

Physical Items : Such as print, business cards, customs and more. 


Custom art for commercial purposes :

*Updates and TAT: Payment is requiered before any custom order request. Average Turnaround time for custome items and request is 7-15 business days. please note TAT starts the day after the payment was received. 

*Todays price and TAT is not the same as yesterday. 

*If for some reason item is damaged/defective when delivered I will replace the exact same item, or give store credit. 

*Please send picture immediately after received if its damaged, this will allow me to file a claim with postal services. 
no later then 24 hrs after receiving your package.

*Shipping by USPS 

If you have any questions please contact us akcreative777@gmail.com